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To provide for a plan of conservation, recreation, water control and utilization, agricultural development, industrial and economic advancement, and for related purposes. (HB 179)

        Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District provides drainage assistance to member Counties. Projects are submitted to the District as Resolutions from the Boards of Supervisors. Those project requests then are reviewed by the Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District Staff along with a cost estimate and then are presented to the District's Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors approve the project, then required paperwork is mailed to the respective County for signatures and processing which includes Local Cooperation Agreements between the County and the District, Right to Enter Agreement, Easements to be signed by Property Owners (if applicable), and Attorney's Certification that all documents have been provided. Additionally, letter/permit application is made to the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (and Tennessee Valley Authority if in the Tennessee River Basin) if requirement for wetlands determination. A determination is made by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers that all 404 permit requirements have been met before most projects are started.

        Other assistance provided by the District includes: Beaver and Feral Pig Control, Storm Recovery, Wildlife Enhancement – John Bell Williams Wildlife Management Area, Fishing – Kemper County Lake, assistance with some Federal and/or State Programs, Economic Advancement, Grants and Trust, Long-Range Water Sourcing, and Low-Weight Bridge Repair.

The powers of the District are set forth within the Agency Bylaws and as set forth in the laws of the State of Mississippi including, but not limited to, Mississippi Code Annotated §§ 51-13-111, 51-13-115, 51-13-117, 51-13-119, 51-13-123, 51-13-135, 51-13-137, 51-13-141, 51-13-143, 51-13-145, 51-13-147, and 51-13-155.

Source: MISSISSIPPI CODE 1972 ANNOTATED, Chapter 13. Tombigbee Valley Authority and Water Management District (Arts. 1 — 3), Article 1. Tombigbee Valley Authority. (§§ 51-13-1 — 51-13-9), Article 3. Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District. (§§ 51-13-101 — 51-13-155)